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Skilled Lecturers

Our lecturers come from a variety of top institutions and come with years of experience to give you all the best insights you can find.

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We offer scholarships to a select few students, but for the others, we are able to help you research and apply for all the scholarships available to you.

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Library and Bookstore

Get better deals on textbooks from us or use the ones that we have in the library to save a little money.


Welcome To Campus

We want you to feel like you are getting the best college prep that you can find, not just preparing you to be the best student that you can be in your freshman year of college, but also one of the most prepared adults. This is your first time living on your own and we want you to feel proud to be responsible.

We have been around since 1996 and have spent the years since improving on what we offer to students on a daily basis.

Our Departments

Popular Departments


Electrical Engineering

Understand the physics of electricity and build the best circuits to find us a way to power the world.


Microbio Engineering

Building, inventing, and creating are all part of being a mechanical engineer, where you can flex your brain to create new machines.


Computer Engineering

One of the hottest fields because there is plenty of money around in the industry. Get on the cutting edge of computer tech.


Civil Engineering

Architecture is nothing without the civil engineers making sure that buildings are able to stand, whether it is through a disaster or through the natural decay over time.


Fashion Design

Prepare yourself for the cutthroat world of fashion with our experienced experts that can teach you how to stay ahead of trends.


Biomedical Engineering

A great track to get on if you are interested in becoming a doctor or getting on the forefront of medical science to save the world.

World Best College

We have racked up the statistics in our short life as a school, making sure that we are building the best faculty and community.

As much as we can tell you about what makes us so great, the proof is really in the numbers, quantifying just what we have been able to do.

Here are just a few numbers to show you what we have done.








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Upcoming Events

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25 Aug, 19

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

NewYork, USA

Building Your Own Website

Learn how to get started building your page, from the initial coding to designing a layout that is attractive to readers.



Avoiding Bad Habits

A panel of young students comes in to talk about their worst horror stories, letting you know what mistakes to avoid in Year 1.



College Fair

Speak to admissions recruiters and get a feel for what many colleges have to offer. Help yourself narrow down the list of where you want to go.



Parents: The Empty Nes

A seminar for your parents to get together and prepare for what life looks like when you leave home and go to school.


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